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Holiness Summit

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Christ and the Bible Message  | Dr. J.B. Chapman

Dr. J. B. Chapman, General Superintendent Church of the Nazarene, preached this Message on the opening Sunday Night of the General Assembly, June 16, 1940— Includes Dr. P.H. Lunn’s notes.



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“Increasing the volume of the holiness voice is crucial to the relevance of the conservative Wesleyan/Methodist movement in America. The Holiness-Summit is a both a strategic and important component of accomplishing this worthy goal. Our voice, which originates from our theology, offers a message full of hope and blessings to our nation. Our Wesleyan perspective should be heard not only in our pulpits but in philosophy, the arts and throughout the political process. I am excited about partnering with the leaders of the Holiness-Summit and together increasing the volume of the Wesleyan Voice.”

Dr. Jesse Middendorf Dr. Jesse Middendorf

G.S., Church of the Nazarene

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