Holiness Summit

God is stirring His people.

He is stirring His people, and what He is about to do is far beyond anything we could ever think or imagine. Spontaneous Book-of-Acts style revival moments around the world point to the initial stages of a worldwide revival in which many expect millions of people will come to Him. It is already apparent that this coming global revival will be intensely centered on the holiness message.

As an informal network of pastors, lay people and district leaders among the holiness denominations, we want to join what God is doing. So we felt led to bring to the United States a concept that is experiencing great success in several world areas – holiness summits. We planned two initial holiness summits in 2008 – one in Ohio and the other in Colorado.

Those two summits have inspired a multiplication of new summits. Summits have been organized across the country, please check the Upcoming Events to find a summit near you. These holiness summits are grassroots-led movements. Those involved with them are just individuals yearning to be part of a God thing.

There is a deep sense of anticipation about what God is planning and about the real possibility that we are on the verge of a great movement of God that will bring prominence to the holiness message and a sweeping revival across America and around the globe.

Plan now to unite with your fellow believers from various holiness denominations at the next holiness summit near you. There is no cost and no pre-registration required to attend. For more information contact us at: [email protected]


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