The Project

The Holiness Legacy movement is taking definite steps to help the church reclaim the message of Christian holiness.

1.  Shared resources—archived audio and video sermons of holiness greats preaching and teaching the Word of God.  The goal is to help Christians understand, experience, live, and communicate the message of the deeper life in Christ.  We will provide tools to help pastors and key leaders teach the Biblical message of Christ-likeness.

2.  Reclaim the out-of-print holiness books and restore them to usefulness via the internet (e-books), as well as utilizing modern print options.  Holiness Legacy Collection books will be made available in many languages, thus multiplying the impact of the holiness message worldwide.

3.   Provide these resources, making them available in areas of the world where access is restricted or where leaders cannot afford to purchase books.

4. Introduce these holiness resources to key leaders at Holiness Summits conducted in strategic locations around the globe.


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