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Daryl Diddle

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Louie Bustle

[audio:|titles=l_bustle east]

Dennis Kinlaw

[audio:|titles=d_kinlaw east]

Nelson Perdue

[audio:|titles=n_perdue east]

Stan Toler

[audio:|titles=s_toler east]

Norman Wilson

[audio:|titles=n_wilson east]

Tom Hermiz

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Holiness  Legacy Ministries has partnered with Rev. Jon Earles and his Classic  Holiness Sermons website to offer you a collection of free holiness  sermons.  We are sure you will be pleased with  the extensive selection of sermons from some great holiness preachers  of the past and present.

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Revival Kindlings Podcast

Revival Kindlings is a podcast dedicated to making literature from the Christian Holiness movement available digitally to this generation. Our prayer is that those who listen to this podcast will be encouraged, challenged, and changed through the Truth contained in these books from a past age. And we pray that God would use this podcast to kindle a revival in the hearts of those who listen and the communities in which God has placed them.


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